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The very first time I came to Tulsa to meet Phil Seymour in July 1990 I was picked up at the airport by Phil and his girlfriend Jacqui, Bob Martin and Bob Parker and their friend Dick Storch, who was our chaffeur. He had a BIG car. We all went to Bob Martin's house where we stayed up all night, talking, listening to music and eating. Well, I was eating. I was hungry.


at the airport



Phil and Bob singing with the Mystery Band    September 1990


Phil had started writing songs with Bob Martin in November 1989, after much encouragement from me (and others I'm sure). One of the songs they wrote was "Love Letters". And there was "Dream Girl", "You've Got To Love Me" and my favorite...   "HAVEN'T YOU TORN MY HEART APART" which Bob performs with his band The ROCK AND ROLL CIRCUS.

Phil recorded "Love Letters" with The Zigs in 1992 but I still like the original demo he sent me before I moved to Tulsa.

Bob and Sean StandingBear with The Rock and Roll Circus


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